Saturday, September 29, 2012

hello there my love

this is a secret message from me,
i hope this doesn't show up anywhere in any of our mails or gets deleted or blogger just suddenly cease to exist.
i hope i wouldn't have to tell you that i've have left you this message.
i want you to stumble upon this someday out of nostalgic and out of what its like to see my past again or once in a while.
to day i have just finished another job and im hoping i did a good one. im actually scared that i might screw up again. im not as confident as i used to be. i dunnow. probably was just a long day.i like leaving you this messages just for fun and cause i love you. i know u like surprises but this is what i could come up for now.
i hope i have it in myself to keep this from you. i'm bad at keeping secrets and im a bad liar. yeah random kan?
dah i havent showered, and i wanna mandi and hopefully see you after the movie. i miss you. and i love you. xx - intro.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hey baby


well this one is a bit tricky but not so but i dunno.i dunno if you come by here.i sure hope be happy if you did find this ofcourse.ill give you the clue when u desperately want it.but i think u can find this without any help at all my smart bebi love.

this is the 3rd msg
love bonorboy.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


moving out.
come visit me here :)
just for the record,i moved because my blogger couldnt load for like very long.
not because i am following you around.puhleese

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nooka is on it's way here

it's decided.
i am officially saving up this time to buy me a nooka watch.
i dont go all crazy over watches everyday.but nooka is,'s so yummy.
u can look at some of em, here. if you do fall inlove like me,start saving.they cost more then my phone which was my last big buy.

went out with nabs and farrah just now.haven't seen her in ages and she's still farrah.yeay!:)
today's been lonely.i felt lonely lepas balik dari kelua tadi.hahahah okay i guess the time of the month's here again.boringnya.

baby's birthday is like,tomorrow in 20 minutes.i cannot wait,because i want to see you happy again.
you deserve to be happy.

k toodles.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

tous krowll ti oh i):

h hello old blog.:)

sorry i've abandoned you for so long,i've been really busy.
busy good mostly,maybe bad sometimes but life's just a rollercoaster sunway pyramid.
nothing much has been going on.i really dont think anyone reads this anymore.
but,it's a saturday night i'm home and i'm bored so hello old blog

i am such a gossip whore,i'm still wondering if that pregnant girl in ss2 is married.hmmmmm if you read this,can you just comment say yes or no?pls?because i'll keep wondering.

ok,i just realised 5 seconds ago i am lame,very lame and my ideas are boring apparently to some.

i like papa rich.i wonder what made him name his shop papa he really rich?or the idea of being rich?or gila perasan in to himself siap pampang dia rich.hmm

been around budak budak subang dohhhhhhh bak kate dalyla.hahaha they're fine,unlike the fucked up jams around subang.i wish my car could fly in subang and laugh at all the cars below me.

my brother just told me the mask i've been enjoying,makes my skin more sensitive to sun.:(
OH!my brother,the crazy one.the one who takes me out doing naughty things,is getting married.

ok too much words,bye.will try updating more often.but blogs are so not in anymore lah.haha

yesterday or maybe yesteryesterday, i realised i wasn't registered for photography class,which i've been going to for the past friggin 5 weeks.nasib baik managed to argue and get myself in anyhoots.konon photographer la gamba di atas.hahaha

i want to wish my CHINESE MIX MALAY FRIEND nana, kongsi fa cai.konon malay tumix cina la tu.hahahaha so sesuai for kongsi facai ni ckat:)

today's valentine's.haih no mood no money no nothing.but just know i love you. through valentines,monthlyseries,anniversaries,upsets,screams,fights,laughs,giggles,smiles and breakdowns and ofcourse stealing cars hihihi. :) i will always love you,even when i feel like shaving your head.heee

oh and this super duper love is turning 21 in 4 days.oh yeay!i hope you enjoy your birthday,even if you dont act like you do pls?please don't make me feel bad.hihi

Saturday, January 2, 2010

52 pasangan dicekup berkhalwat di hotel murah,dan 51 orang ditahan kerana mabuk pada hari pertama 2010.

ok the title is total wth.hahaha but i just read the papers so yahhh.

happy 2010 semua orang.
i hope this year progresses to be goood to me.

it didn't start well though.
was at peninsula,and got paranoid and i guess i messed up everyones new year.
but i still don't regret what i did because i do not want to know what would have happened if i didnt do what i did.
but for what it's worth,im sorry for fucking up all your new years.
i was protecting me and everyone else.or so i thought.

and my brother's really sick.i feel so sedih when i look at him but he seems to be feeling much better then the first day so i hope he's gonna be all right.i know he's gonna be allright!

im going away tomorrow,first road trip.omgeeee.hihi excited,but i think im the only one i just got unexcited by thinking im the only one excited.ahaha

birthday's coming in like a week,but the team's not doing so i'm telling myself to stop expecting much.

i got my starbucks diary,and i've decided to start writing.but it's day two of 2010 and i haven't written a single thing.

dropped my baby bb like 15 times kot yesterday and today and now the side is like,i dunno how to explain but not the same anymore.

ok this is such a depressing post.hahahaha
kay now im just moodless.k lah bye.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

gaga yes no maybe so?

I still cannot decide if i really like lady gaga or not.
i like her because she has awesome awesome songs
but then again,she's just too damn weird to like.
it's not wrong to be weird because everyone's weird in some way.
but gaga takes weird to a WHOLEEEEEEEE new level.

but as for now,her ra ra ra a ah is making me crave for rome.
so sexy la bad romance,i dig.

stole this from baby.
watch the real video first then watch this.hahahaha
kay loves bye:)